Eurocept acquires Nordmedica

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Eurocept acquires NordMedica A/S to further expand its pharmaceutical business

Ankeveen, 5 February 2013 – Eurocept Pharmaceuticals, a Dutch pharmaceutical company belonging to the Eurocept Group (“Eurocept”), announces today that it has acquired 100% of the shares of NordMedica A/S Denmark.
NordMedica A/S holds the worldwide license for the product Amsidine currently marketed under the trademarks Amekrin®, Amsidine® and Amsidyl®. The product is a chemotherapeutic drug with the active ingredient Amsacrine. Amsidine has a solid reputation and is used for the treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) and Acute Lymphatic Leukemia (ALL).
Mike van Woensel, CEO and founder of Eurocept – “Eurocept has over the past few years built an interesting portfolio of important hospital products. Eurocept acquired in 2009 the commercial rights for Rapydan® in Europe, Russia and China. The acquisition of NordMedica A/S is a logical next step to become a strong European healthcare company with a focus on specialty products. Eurocept’s business model has a proven track record and the company intends to use its pharmaceutical platform as basis for further growth of its activities in the main European markets supported by an active buy and build strategy”.
ABN AMRO acted as financial advisor to Eurocept.
Eurocept is a rapidly growing company active in the pharmaceutical and homecare market in the BeNeLux. Eurocept has a clear mission: to simplify the therapeutic relationship between physicians and patients by offering products and services that answer to pharmaceutical, technology and nursing needs in medical care. Eurocept offers a unique combination of pharmaceuticals, homecare, medical technology and distribution in the therapeutic areas of anesthesia, oncology, pediatry, psychiatry, immunology and urology. Eurocept continuously showed strong organic growth since its inception in 2002 resulting in 2012 revenue of EUR 150m. Eurocept has 140 employees and is a top-50 pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands.
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