Eurocept acquires Medizorg

Actueel – Eurocept acquires Medizorg

Eurocept Group expands its medical homecare activities with the acquisition of Medizorg

Ankeveen, 22 August 2014

Medizorg ( has been operating since 1995 and developed into a major medical homecare services company. Medizorg provides care to patients that have been transferred from hospital to their home environment. Medizorg is based in Houten (NL), operates nationally with specialised nurses, and provides logistical services and products that are delivered directly at the patient’s home under the hospital’s supervision.

Medizorg provides a broad range of medical homecare treatments including UVB light therapy, injection therapy, infusion therapy, medical nutrition, diabetes and wound care,.
Medizorg has its own pharmacy and employs more than 100 people.

Eurocept ( is at the forefront of simplifying the care-relationship between doctor and patient. Through a unique combination of both medical homecare services and qualified nurses (Homecare), and the distribution capabilities of pharmaceutical products (Pharmaceuticals), Eurocept delivers high-quality care to patients.

Eurocept Pharmaceuticals is responsible for the development, registration, production, distribution, marketing and sales of specialty medicines in therapeutical areas that include anesthesia, psychiatry, urology, pediatrics and immunology. Eurocept Homecare provides specialist medical homecare and ambulatory medical technology for medicine and medical nutrition at the patient’s home.

Eurocept guarantees in close consultation with the medical specialist the care initiated in the hospital at home.
By means of its E-care platform, Eurocept is able to give direct feedback on the medical outcomes of the applied therapy to attending physicians, hospitals, healthcare insurers and pharmaceutical companies. Eurocept also has an innovative medication spillage module that enable hospitals and pharmacies to re-use unopened medication in order to reduce cost of medication.

After the proposed acquisition, Eurocept will generate an annual consolidated turnover of around EUR 300 million.

Mike van Woensel (CEO) on this transaction:

“This transaction fits into Eurocept’s buy & build strategy which focuses on acquiring pharmaceutical products/firms and medical homecare companies that operate in the Netherlands and other Northern European countries.
Medizorg and Eurocept form an obvious and strong combination. Able to provide an even better quality of service to the medical specialist and patient at an acceptable and transparent cost

Moreover, with many years of experience and the recent innovations that both companies have developed in ambulatory medical technology and E-care, Eurocept and Medizorg are attractive and reliable partners for healthcare insurers and hospitals.
The challenge in the coming years will be to keep medical homecare at an acceptable cost level while further enhancing the quality of service.

Eurocept takes a significant step forward with this acquisition to play a leading role in this field.

The acquisition has been approved by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA) and is subject to approval by the Dutch Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM).”

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