Eurocept Group - About Eurocept Group

Eurocept leads the way in simplifying the treatment relationship between the medical practitioner and the patient. Thanks to our in-home medical care specialists, qualified home carers and expertise on and easy access to pharmaceuticals, Eurocept is uniquely placed to deliver high-quality care to its patients.  

Established in 2001, Eurocept leads the way in in-home care and nursing. Our patients receive high-quality care in the comfort of their own homes. For instance, we deliver medications, home care, medical resources, medical food and wound dressings to the homes of our patients.  

Eurocept uses a digital database called ‘Eurocept Plaza’, which allows treating physicians to consult and enter their patients’ medical records. Since lines of communication are so short, patients can be served quickly. 

Eurocept Group employs approximately 140 health professionals, whose 2013 turnover exceeded €150 million.


Eurocept Group strives to simplify the treatment relationship between doctors and patients. We achieve this aim by offering products and services which meet our patients’ pharmaceutical, medical, technical and nursing-related requirements.

HealthCare Insights 

HealthCare Insights (HCI) is an independent service provider operating in the field of medical and pharmaceutical information. HCI creates insights based on data obtained from health-care professionals.

Over the years, HCI has dealt with data obtained from chemists and hospital pharmacies, general practitioners, Ph.IV files, health insurers, etc.

HealthCare Insights has extensive experience in market research and consultancy within the field of pharmaceuticals. Its team specialises in data processing, data warehousing, clinical trials, marketing mix modelling and economic affairs.

HealthCare Insights joined the Eurocept Group in June 2014. The merger fits beautifully into the Group’s strategy of investing in companies which provide health-care outcomes and insights. HCI is also the only external party generating new insights from data held and compiled by Eurocept.

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