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Eurocept Group - History


The Eurocept Group expands its medical homecare activities by acquiring Medizorg, an agency which delivers a wide range of homecare services, including UVB light therapy, injection therapy, infusion therapy, medical nutrition, diabetes care and wound care. In addition, Medizorg has its own chemist, which supplies prescription drugs to clients all over the country.



Eurocept has developed into a highly professional organisation with an annual turnover of EUR 150 million and more than 125 employees in the three Benelux countries.

In January 2013, Eurocept acquires Nordmedica A/S, which holds the global licence for Amsidine®/Amekrin® (amsacrine hydrochloride).

Gimv and the Gimv Health & Care Fund invest in Eurocept, thus obtaining a substantial minority interest in Eurocept, on a par with Founder/CEO Mike van Woensel’s. The extra funds are used to strengthen Eurocept’s leading position in the Netherlands on the one hand, and to roll out the business model to neighbouring countries on the other.



The Eurocept Group has grown into a professional organisation employing more than 100 people in the Benelux countries as well as the rest of Europe.



The company changes its name. From 1 January 2009 onwards, Klinerva B.V. and Pharma-Care B.V. trade under the name ‘Eurocept Homecare’. Eurocept B.V. changes its name to ‘Eurocept Pharmaceuticals’. The Eurocept Group also founds a third company, Eurocept International, whose objective is to market Rapydan® and other anaesthetics in Europe (including Central and Eastern Europe) and China.



Eurocept acquires Xytron, a specialist in TENS and nebulisers.



Eurocept moves into a newly constructed office building with a large in-house warehouse. The company’s new address is Trapgans 5, 1244 RL Ankeveen.



Foundation of Pharma-Care B.V.

  • BIG-registered nurses, active nationwide

  • Certified under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ)

  • In-home administration of medications and instructions on how to inject medications



Pre-wholesaling and first steps towards the delivery of pharmaceutical care services

  • Abbott: Synagis

  • Roche: Neorecormon,Pegasys, Fuzeon



Foundation of Eurocept B.V.

  • Wholesaler and pharmaceutical organisation

  • Development of marketing and sales activities

  • Acquisition of drug portfolios and expanded distribution



Foundation of Klinerva B.V. (acquired in 2002 by the Eurocept Group)


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