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The investment company Gimv joined Eurocept as an investment partner in 2013. Through their substantial investments in Eurocept, Gimv and its Health & Care Fund have obtained a minority interest in Eurocept, on a par with founder/CEO Mike van Woensel’s. The investment partnership will be used to strengthen Eurocept’s leading position in the Netherlands on the one hand and to roll out the business model to neighbouring countries on the other.

The partnership has by now resulted in the acquisition of Medizorg, a large player in the Dutch homecare market.




About Gimv

Gimv is a European investment company with over three decades experience in private equity and venture capital. The company is listed on Euronext Brussels and currently manages around 1.8 billion EUR (including co-investment partnerships) of investments in about 50 portfolio companies.

As a recognized market leader in selected investment platforms, Gimv identifies entrepreneurial and innovative companies with high-growth potential and supports them in their transformation into market leaders. Gimv’s four investment platforms are: Connected Consumer, Health & Care, Smart Industries and Sustainable Cities. Each of these platforms works with a skilled and dedicated team across Gimv’s home markets of the Benelux, France and Germany and can count on an extended international network of experts.


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Elderd Land, a Partner at Gimv Health & Care:

‘In addition to its specialised portfolio of products and services, Eurocept boasts a unique IT platform (Eurocept Plaza) and commercial infrastructure. This fully integrated approach makes their business model innovative and very well positioned to capitalise on the current market trend of treating chronically ill patients in the comfort of their own homes. They have built an impressive client list in the Netherlands and have become a reliable partner for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurers alike. We look forward to working with this highly motivated management team and to supporting their expansion in both the Netherlands and abroad.’


Bart Diels, a Managing Partner at Gimv - Head Health & Care:

‘This investment fits perfectly into the Health & Care platform’s strategy. Due to the growing number of chronic conditions, the long waiting lists for specialist care and reduced budgets for hospitals, there has been a shift from in-patient care to out-patient care. With its services, Eurocept is well positioned to become a leader in this field, which still has plenty of room for growth and consolidation. We hope to help Eurocept realise its growth ambitions and to see the company transform into a leading player in this segment of the market.’


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