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Eurocept Homecare Joins In On Innovative Scheme Designed to Stop Medication Waste


Eurocept Homecare has acquired the rights to the thermo chip which was presented with the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award on 8 November 2013. The Innovation Award is presented to the originators of innovative ideas designed to make our food chain, circular economy and health industry more sustainable.


The thermo chip is part of the anti-medication-waste scheme that was voted the Netherlands' Best Care Idea of the year 2011 and is supported by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. By now one large chemist has begun a pilot study of the chip; eight more chemists will join this study over the next few months. The study involves adding a small thermo chip to any prescription drug being dispensed. If medications are returned unused, the chip will show whether the drugs have been stored at the right temperature. Furthermore, the chip is able to measure drug compliance. It was developed for this purpose, under the name of Safe-Rx card, by the Veldhoven-based engineering consultancy ECCT.


The jury's verdict on the award-winning idea: ‘This will save money and reduce medication waste. Just a few years down the track, adding the chip will be standard practice.'

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